Saturday, 19 March 2011


 Although not much attention has been paid to the situation, significant progress in conserving Amur leopards and tigers has been made over the last decade. A coalition of 13 international and Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have pooled resources by creating The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA). Inside the Russian Far East, Phoenix Fund conducts anti-poaching and habitat protection activities, while other ALTA members conduct public outreach, policy development, and scientific research to forward Amur leopard conservation. Collectively, ALTA members have been co-operating for many years in developing, financing and implementing conservation projects in Russia and China.

ALTA members have developed a comprehensive conservation program for the Amur leopard’s range in Russia and Northeast China that includes:

   1. Anti-poaching
   2. Forest fire-fighting
   3. Compensation for livestock killed by tigers and leopards
   4. A comprehensive education and public awareness program
   5. Population monitoring (Snow-track counts and camera trapping)
   6. Ecological and biomedical research
   7. Support for protected areas and hunting leases
   8. Lobbying for improved conservation policies and regulations
   9. Amur leopard conservation in China

In addition, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is also a major contributor.

In recent years wildlife in Russia has suffered from a lack of political interest in conservation.[6] Negative developments since 2000 include the abolition of the State Committee for Nature Conservation, revoking the law enforcement rights of Inspection Tiger (an anti-poaching brigade for protection of tigers and leopards), and a reduction of approximately 80% in the number of field inspectors for protection of forests and animals. The only official North Korean government site, Naenara, reported in 2009 that in Myohyangsan Nature Reserve located in Hyangsan County, there were some leopards. It is likely the southernmost living group of Amur's Leopard.

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